Professional Installation (9000 to 24000Btu)

  • R 2,500.00
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Available to Gauteng Customers Only

Do you already have a mid-wall split AC system and you need it installed?

The Back-to-Back AC installation (9000 to 24000Btu sizes) priced above includes the following:

  • 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee on all workmanship.
  • The Indoor unit is to be located on the opposite side of the wall, within three (3) meters of the outdoor unit.
  • Up to 3 meters (only) of refrigerant LP & HP piping, condensate drain, power & comms cable is inclusive.
  • Core drilling of one hole for piping.
  • Powder coated, outdoor wall mounting brackets. 
  • System commissioning Job Card for warranty claim purposes.

The Back-to-Back AC Installation (9000 to 24000 Btu sizes) priced above EXCLUDES the following:

  • Longer pipe runs in excess of 3 meters will be charged at an additional cost per meter.
  • An existing power point/ isolator switch within view from the outdoor/ condensing unit is a mandatory Health & Safety requirement. 9000 & 12000 Btu Systems can be run from an existing wall plug depending on the existing load. An Isolator switch in view of the Outdoor condensing unit is NOT inclusive in this pricing.
  • 18000 Btu's and up, require power points run from a stand alone circuit breaker. Isolator Switches and Power Runs, Circuit Breakers are NOT inclusive to this pricing and should be installed by a qualified electrician.