Available Air Conditioning Systems

Mid-Wall Split Air Conditioning Systems:

There are two main types:

1. Mid-Wall Split INVERTER System (energy efficient, variable speed compressor)

2. Mid-Wall Split INVERTER System (energy efficient, variable speed compressor)

The Mid-Wall Split Air Conditioning system offers quiet operation, with both efficient cooling and heating modes for your home and/ or office. Available in both Inverter (energy efficient, variable speed compressor) & Non-Inverter (fixed speed compressor) ranges with stylish models varying in strength/ cooling capacity able to service living/ work areas from 15m² up to 60m² depending on the heat load.



With the Mid-Wall Split Air Conditioner, the inside wall unit (evaporator) and outside unit (condenser) are professionally mounted on either side of a wall, with refrigerant hosing connecting the two through a precision core drilled hole. The positioning of the two components can be varied to suit the design of a specific room.



Mid-Wall Split Air Conditioning systems are among the most common of all air conditioner types in residential applications. They’re ideal for providing efficient cooling and minimizing operating noise and provide users with a high degree of control over temperature settings.



Portable Non-Inverter Air Conditioning Systems:

Portable Non-Inverter Systems 

The Portable Air-Conditioning systems is a great cooling solution for rooms/ areas where traditional air-conditioner installations are not possible and even to assist struggling central HVAC systems. The portable unit makes an excellent temporary solution for recreational applications at caravan/ camp sites. Available in a non-Inverter model using eco-friendly refrigerant and able to effectively service an area up to 25m².